"My dad has always been my number one inspiration growing up, as he was the best chef I knew!"  Growing up I always knew that I belonged in the food industry, but there came a time where my path lead me down a different route.

In 2011, my realization sunk in with my current career due to the lack of passion, there wasn't a determination to succeed. Soon after, I shot for the stars in culinary and my desire for creativity, the love of cooking, and the joy it brings to everyone around me, were the fundamental ingredients used in creating Chelò. Plus!  Who doesn't love frozen creamy sweets?!

After taste-testing thousands of classic to exotic flavors, we've collected the freshest and highest-quality ingredients to create artisan frozen treats and delightful goodies. We know you'll enjoy our one of a kind creations here, that will leave your palate craving seconds. So, when you're in search for something chill and mellow, come to Chelò!

Sweet Wishes,
Jeannette & Team Chelò



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